Today’s Debate Topic: What is Your Dream Business Idea?

Today's Debate Topic: What is Your Dream Business Idea?

Whilegrowing up, so many of us had different dreams of what we want tobecome when we grow up because even as a child we knew who we wantedto become thou may not be exactly what we needed to become I life.

Someone like me those days I wanted to become a medical doctor when I grow up but the older I get, so also was my dream continued to change until I got to where I am today but at least I always had big dreams for myself….Smiles

Talking about business ideas, a lot of us what to do one or two things in the business sector but lack the adequate knowledge and trainings to get the dream business started while some people who even have the required knowledge lack the required capital to fund the business project.

Letus discuss below using the comment box, what that your dream businessidea is and how far you gone so far towards achieving your dream. Younever can tell who helps who along the line.

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